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The Company

Based in Engkomi, Cyprus we are a young forward-thinking team doing our best to make a significant impact on the rapidly growing digital market.

Our Core Values

Thirdkind is a team of real people, aligned in common values. Below are the four values that we aspire to live by on the team:

Practice Positivy: We strive to approach things in a positive way while realizing all emotions are valid. We believe that constructive, honest feedback is an opportunity for growth.

Promote Innovation: We are creative and resourceful; we empower our people to think and take action differently. We’re not afraid to take risks and we are always up to try something new.

Cultivate Gratitude: We practice humility and do not attach our personal selves to ideas. We are grateful for the work teammates do to push the company forward.

Customer First: We believe in providing the means for our customers to drive business faster and more effectively. We keep at it until the customer’s problem is solved.

Connect with us: Not surprisingly, we encourage you to communicate freely through our communications channels. Whether you have a question, comment or just want to share some feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

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