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benefits of product
benefits of product
benefits of product


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What is Thirdkind?

Thirdkind is a top entertainment platform that has hundreds of hours of content ready for their users to enjoy without limits with the different plans available

From recent movies to most watched TV shows in the world all in a single place

Access Thirdkind via multiple devices

Thirdkind is an online platform accessible from any mobile device and PC

A Smart TV with a web browser can also access this platform.


Fast, no adverts and without limits

Avail yourself of our content at full speed. Enjoy award-winning films and contents on Thirdkind without ads.

Our payment plans guarantees no ads

Select a package from Thirdkind that fits you

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every 30 days

Entry offer for just € for the firsts 72 hours.
Then you will be charged with €.
You can cancel anytime.


every 30 days

Entry offer for just €for the firsts 72 hours, then you will be charged with €.
You can cancel anytime.


Take a look at answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is Thirdkind?

Thirdkind is an on demand video platform the gives you access to unlimited amount movies and other categories. Our collection comprises of top-rate movies and contents. Don’t wait any longer, join us now.

Does my subscription offer me unlimited access to your platform?

Yes, it does. As soon as you payment is confirmed you will gain access to interesting movies and other informational contents. Also, no transfer or speed limit. Watch movies at any time.

What do I get from the Free trial version?

You will receive free access to our catalogue of movies and other features. However, the access is just one week. To access your Free Trial 72 hour, tap “Sign Up”. Complete the details required on our registration form. Sign Up cancellation will not cost you hidden charges. Cancellation fee are not charge.

Is it accessible in any country?

Yes, you can access it from any country. No country is prohibited from using the Thirdkind. In addition, our most are published in there ordinal. Also, most of our movie are in English language.

Some examples of our content

Here you go some examples of our content